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Nusa Penida 3 dives (1 day):
plus $25 for dive equipment rental if required

Best value package 7 dives (3 days) for $339: Nusa Penida (3 dives), Padang Bai (2 dives), Tulamben (2 dives)

Best value package 10 dives (4 days) for $479: Nusa Penida (6 dives), Padang Bai (2 dives), Tulamben (2 dives)

Where: Actually three sister islands - Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan. Dry limestone islands about 20 km off the South East coast of Bali, reached by fast speedboat in a 45 minute journey from Sanur.

Highlights: The healthiest corals in Bali, and home to a huge variety of reef fish. Great for drift diving and the best place to see Mola Mola in season, with mantas all year round. Dramatic above-water scenery.

Conditions: Usual temperature around 28°C, but the strong currents and sharp thermoclines can occasionally bring it down to the low 20°C. Good visibility. Not uncommon strong currents and swells.

Special safety note: Because of strong currents and deep depths at Nusa Penida we require all divers to wear a dive computer. Rental is US$10 per day if you don't have your own dive computer yet. We've also introduced in-water GPS-enabled VHF radios ('Nautilus Lifeline') to allow our Divemasters to talk directly to our boat crew if they surface out of sight of the boat after a dive in strong currents or in case of poor vizibility. This is a fantastic safety innovation and we're proud to say we're one of the first dive centers in Bali to use these devices.

Want to get a feel what it's like diving at Nusa Penida? Watch our 90-second video:


Difficulty: 3

The most dived area of Nusa Penida, and rightly so. Rich & healthy stands of coral which are home to an amazing variety of reef fish. Good coral diversity, including long spiralling Wire Corals, Tables and Domes. A great place to see Mola mola in season, and the best drift diving in Bali. This entire North Coast is one long stretch of healthy reef with at least five distinct dive sites.


Difficulty: 4

The best coral in Bali and clear waters. Towering bommies, and a rich slope. Pufferfish and Giant Trevally. Anything & everything has at sometime been seen here; Mola mola, Shark, Manta and other Rays, and lots of big ocean fish. Sometimes fierce & unpredictable currents, sometimes still and gentle.


Difficulty: 5

Inside the bay is sheltered from the currents, with a wonderful array of soft corals. Move outside the bay and feel the current pick up, sometimes trying to pull you down the sand & coral slope. Stick with our experienced guides and stick close to the reef. These currents bring with them good chances of encounters with the larger schooling ocean fish and Mola mola in season. Usually great visibility here and often very cold. In the corner of the bay is a small bat cave you can surface in and take a breath.


Difficulty: 4

Inside Gamat Bay is truly beautiful; below the crystal clear water lies a colourful carpet of both hard & soft corals, home to a variety of Nudibranchs and other macro delights as well as some big Groupers. Leaving the gentle waters of the bay let the current take you as you drift along the wall of the channel between Nusa Penida & Nusa Cenigan. The currents can be very swift. Keep good group contact, stick close to the wall. Keep one eye to the channel for Sharks and big fish.


Difficulty: 2

Further than most other dive sites in Bali. Not only mantas, but frequent Nurse Shark sightings and lots of soft corals. You need to be flexible because its exposed location means that sometimes the conditions are too rough for the boat to make it down there, and on arrival giant swells can make diving impossible. But if conditions are good & the Mantas arrive it is well worth the extra effort to get there. Above water sheer cliffs are a dramatic sight.


Difficulty: 4

The furthest dive site we go to, and one of the toughest to dive too. Yet this pristine site offers up all of the most sought after marine life Bali has to offer; Mola mola, Manta, Turtle, Sharks. Abundant Lobster & Nudibranchs. It's an ocean-facing site so can get rough at the surface with some big ocean swells. As with Manta Point (above) you need to be flexible in your dive plan and it's only suitable for the most experienced divers.


Difficulty: 2

Lined with Mangrove trees, this is a good long site for drifting in the current. The nearly flat profile - in contrast to the steep slopes at most of the other sites around Nusa Penida - gives a wide-angle viewpoint. Lobsters are among the most commonly seen marine life here, and various Triggerfish and Surgeons. Be careful the gentle slope doesn't fool you into drifting towards the open ocean; stick with your guide.


Difficulty: 5

Due to the unpredictable currents Bali Scuba no longer run dive trips to these sites.

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