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US$179 for 3 speedboat dives (plus $25 for dive equipment rental if required)

Where: These small islands and rocky outcrops lie just a kilometre off the East coast of Bali. In good conditions the three in Amuk Bay - Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang (Shark Point) and Gili Biaha can be reached in a one hour speedboat journey from Sanur. Otherwise a one hour trip by road, then transfer to either a speedboat or local boat for a short ride to the dive sites.

Highlights: Dive these islands for the best chance of seeing sharks in Bali. Lots of big ocean fish and swirls of reef fish are everywhere. In areas battered by the currents the coral growth is stunted, but still healthy and full of life. In the more sheltered areas the corals can match those of Nusa Penida. Majestic underwater rock formations.

Conditions: All these sites are prone to the strongest currents, which can then bring in some chilling water. This can cause temperatures to drop from the usual highs around 28 degrees C down to the low 20°s instead. Very often great visibility, with calm conditions in the high tide window.

Special safety note: Because of strong currents and deep depths at these dive sites we require all divers to have at least 50 dives experience and to wear a dive computer. Dive computer rental is US$10 per day if you don't have your own dive computer yet.

Want to get a feel of how the diving is at these dive sites? Have a look at our short video:


Difficulty: 5

A Shark Point deserving of its name. A beautiful site with very common sightings of White Tip Reef Sharks. Great corals & Barrel Sponges, usually very good visibility and so much to see. Bright yellow & black Sweetlips, more than holding-their-own against the currents. Sometimes Turtle and Napolean Wrasse. Frequent down-currents make this a site for serious divers only.


Difficulty: 5

Just a few hundred metres from Gili Mimpang this offshore rocky outcrop has a number of generous sites. "The Canyon" was made famous in "Diving Bali" for being described as, 'probably the single most dangerous site in Bali'. Dive it for the schools of Bumphead Parrotfish, for the Sharks, and for the surreal rock formations there. "Blue Hole" is a short swimthrough which exits out of a sheer wall. On good days you'll exit into blue water, surrounded by swirling schools of Yellow and Gold Fusiliers.


Difficulty: 5

Everything is big here; big fish, big Moray Eels, big Sharks and big currents. Midnight Snappers and schools of Tuna and Jacks. Good healthy coral bommies in the sheltered areas, stunted but strong if exposed to the ocean currents. Two of our Divemasters came across a school of Hammerheads here at 50m.


Difficulty: 4

A small wall, a rich slope, and a cave at 12m in which more often than not you can find White Tips. This cave is also home to a large population of lobsters. In rougher conditions access to the cave is impossible, though the rest of the dive site should still be accessible. Not only big pelagics but good reef fish too, with countless species of Butterflyfish & Fusiliers.

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