Diving Bali with Bali Scuba

Tulamben 2 dives (1 day):
plus $25 for dive equipment rental if required

Best value package 7 dives (3 days) for $339: Tulamben (2 dives), Padang Bai (2 dives), Nusa Penida (3 dives)

Best value package 10 dives (4 days) for $479: Tulamben (2 dives), Padang Bai (2 dives), Nusa Penida (6 dives)

Where: Tulamben is on the North East coast of Bali a couple of hours by road from South Bali. The dive sites are beach entry or a few minutes by small local outrigger boat.

Highlights: World famous for the USS Liberty shipwreck and the amazing variety of marine life found there. You can also dive a drop-off, a shallow coral garden, and a deep coral reef. Tulamben is the best place to night dive in Bali and you can take a magical sunrise dive.

Conditions: No currents here, or very mild. Black volcanic sand. Usually very calm flat surface though full moon can bring in big waves. Temperatures generally around 28C°. Suitable for all levels of diver.

Want to get a feel of what it's like diving at Tulamben? Then watch our 90-second video:



Difficulty: 1

One of the jewels of Bali, and a truly world-class dive site. Reliable counts put the number of resident reef fish at a staggering 400 species, with ocean dwelling visitors numbering more than a hundred. The shallowest part of this coral-encrusted wreck is at 6m, sloping down to the bow at more than 30m. Garden Eels sway gently in the surge, and Thorny Oysters & Giant Clams snap closed at the first sign of a diver's approach. The resident school of Jackfish swirling around divers as if they weren't there.


Difficulty: 1

A short section of steep wall, and then a more gentle coral-covered slope make this a very satisfying dive. Giant Gorgonian Fans & giant Barrel Sponges. A good place to see Octopus & Cuttlefish, adult Lionfish, Rays and a big mean-looking Barracuda. The wall carries all the way down to 90m, and if you look hard enough you can find the umbilical cord of one of our Divemaster's sons buried down there at the bottom.


Difficulty: 2

This deep coral site is just round the corner from the Tulamben Drop Off. The coral starts from about 25m down to more than 90m. Lots of big Triggerfish, Sweetlips, Midnight Snapper and colourful Clownfish & Angelfish. Big pelagics & Sharks. Access just a few minutes by traditional boat from Tulamben itself. This long stretch of coast is all diveable so you can take multiple dives along here.


Difficulty: 1

A shallow reef, down to just 12m, but colourful and full of life. If you overnight at 'Paradise' bungalows then this is your house reef; step out of the restaurant and there it is. Lots of Blue Ribbon Eels, Razorfish, and the glorious Emperor Angelfish. A variety of Sweetlips and Fusiliers. Darting Moonwrasse and Damsels. Lots of macro.

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