PADI Open Water course at Bali Scuba

The PADI Open Water diver course at Bali Scuba

The PADI Open Water diver course is the world’s most popular diving certification course. Learning to dive in Bali is a great way to invest your vacation time. It’s a lot of fun, you’ll get your PADI and you’ll see some amazing things.

There is so much to explore underwater here in Bali and wherever you travel. After you learn to dive your vacations will never be the same again. The PADI Open Water course will teach you the skills to dive safely and independently anywhere in the world.

Take a look through these PADI Open Water course FAQs. Then book online (get instant confirmation) or send us a message. Get yourself ready for an unforgettable Bali diving adventure.


Who can join the PADI Open Water diver course?

The PADI Open Water course allows complete beginners to become certified scuba divers.  You’ll need to be at least 10 years old. There is no upper age limit to learn to dive as long as you are fit and healthy.


How long does it take?

The complete PADI Open Water course takes 4 days. If you take the theory online (e-learning) before coming to Bali you will need just 3 days here in Bali to complete the PADI Open Water course.


Do I need to be able to swim?

You need to be able to swim 200 metres/yards (or 300 metres/yards in mask, fins and snorkel). There is no time limit for this, and you can use any swimming strokes you want. You should also be able to float and tread water for 10 minutes using any methods you want.


How many dives will I do?

Five dives in the pool then four great ocean dives.


How deep will I dive?

Your maximum depth will be 18 meters (60 ft).


How long will I dive?

Each dive will be approximately 45 minutes.


What will I see?

Scuba diver and fish

Explore our underwater world

The great thing about taking your PADI Open Water diver course in Bali is that there is so much marine life. You’ll be blown away by the number and variety of fish you see and you’ll be amazed at how close they come. You’ll also get the unbelievable opportunity to dive at a World War Two shipwreck! Who could want more on their first ever dives? Take a look at the video at the top of the page (or click here) to see some of the great things you’ll see and do when you take PADI Open Water course here at Bali Scuba.


Where will I dive?

Shipwreck Bali photo Bold Travel

The Tulamben shipwreck

In Sanur (see video here) and in Tulamben (video here). After each dive you and your Instructor will complete your dive log-book with names of some of the amazing marine life you saw on your dives. Be warned! There are 400 species of fish living on the wreck so you may need some time to learn all their names.


Is it dangerous?

No it isn’t. Scuba diving is no more dangerous than any other active sport. You’ll learn how to dive safe during the course and your Instructor will be by your side throughout.

By the way, in case you were wondering …. sharks don’t attack divers 


Can I take the course alone?

No problem.


What days do you run the PADI Open Water course at Bali Scuba?

We run the course any day that is good for you.


Will I receive a certificate card after completion?

PADI open water certification card

Get your PADI here

Yes you will. You’ll receive a temporary certificate (and a handshake, hug or high-five) on the day you finish the course. Your permanent diving licence will be mailed to your address. You can slip it in your wallet just like a credit card and show it whenever you want to dive worldwide. Your diving licence never expires. It’s your ticket to a lifetime of diving adventures.


Do I need to get a medical certificate?

Please read the questions on Page 1 of this medical form. If you can answer ‘no’ to every question you are good to go, no need to see a doctor. If you answer ‘yes’ to any question you will need to see a doctor before you can dive. The doctor should complete Page 2. You can visit a doctor in your home country or we can help you to find a doctor here in Bali. The doctor doesn’t need to be a diving specialist.


Will my ears hurt?

Sometimes on a flight or diving down to the bottom of a swimming pool you may feel pain. This is because the air pressure is increasing and squeezing your ears. This won’t be a problem while you are diving because your Instructor will teach you a simple technique to prevent this (called ‘equalisation’). You’ll be able to use this technique on flights and in the swimming pool too!


Can I participate during my monthly menstruation period?

Yes you can. If you can do normal daily activities during your monthly period then you can dive during menstruation too.


What shall I do if I wear glasses?

The best option is to wear soft contact lenses while you are diving. Another option is to rent from us a scuba diving mask with prescription lenses (however please note we have a limited range of dive mask prescription lenses).


Is it cold?

Not here in Bali. The temperature is usually around 27C (80F) though it can sometimes be colder. You will be wearing one of our wetsuits anyway which will protect you from the cold.


What happens if I suffer from seasickness?

You won’t be taking any long boat trips. Just in case we do have seasickness medicine available. Drink ginger tea the night before you dive and in the morning.


What happens if rains during the course?

We scuba divers are very lucky because it never rains underwater. It’s no problem to dive while it is raining on the surface because it doesn’t affect divers below.


What is the Bali Scuba cancellation and refund policy?

We will be happy to refund any payment or deposit if you cancel for any reason up to 4 PM the day before your dive course begins. We also refund if you can’t complete the course for any reason.


Can I get any photo or video of my first ever scuba diving experience?

When you make your booking please ask us to arrange an underwater videographer for one or more days of your Open Water course..


Can I get vegetarian or halal meal?

No problem. Just let us know in advance.


What is PADI?

PADI logo


PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. More than 20 million divers just like you have earned their PADI diving licence by taking the PADI Open Water diver course. It’s by far the world’s most widely-recognized scuba diving licence.



Why chose Bali Scuba for my PADI Open Water course?

PADI 5 Star IDC logo

PADI 5 Star

Bali Scuba is a PADI Five Star dive center and multiple PADI award-winner. We are one of the few dive centers in Bali authorized to conduct PADI professional courses. This means we train the Instructors that all the dive centers use. We have been running the PADI Open Water diver course here in Bali for 15 incident-free years. Trust our experienced and well-trained staff and our safety-first procedures.


How much does the PADI Open Water course cost at Bali Scuba?

IDR 7,200,000 per person. There are no hidden extras.

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Can I get a discount?

Complete PADI Open Water course: 10% discount for starting on Mondays and Thursdays

PADI Open Water course with e-learning: 10% discount for starting on Tuesdays or Fridays


What’s included?

  • Daily hotel transfers (Sanur, Seminyak, Kuta, Nusa Dua)
  • Class sessions, pool sessions and 4 ocean dives
  • All diving equipment for use during the course
  • Lunch & soft drinks each day
  • Official PADI diving insurance
  • Online PADI manual
  • PADI certification
  • Dive log-book
  • Daily use of towels


What’s the difference between taking the complete PADI Open Water course in Bali compared to taking the theory online (e-learning) before coming to Bali?

Complete PADI Open Water course:

  • IDR 7,200,000 paid to Bali Scuba
  • 10% discount for starting on Mondays or Thursdays
  • Takes 4 days in Bali

PADI Open Water course with e-learning:

  • IDR 5,200,000 paid to Bali Scuba
  • 10% discount for starting on Tuesdays or Fridays
  • $189 paid to PADI online for e-learning
  • Takes 3 days in Bali


Do you recommend taking e-learning?

Taking the dive theory online before coming to Bali will save you a day. Who wants to spend their Bali vacation time sitting in our dreary classroom? You can start e-learning immediately and work at your own pace whenever you have free time. In total the e-learning takes about 12 hours to complete and you have one year available to finish everything. It’s a fun and efficient way to learn and you will have lifetime access to all online learning.

Click here to start your online learning right now.


How can I book?

Contact us to make your booking or ask any questions or book online now and receive instant confirmation.

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Don’t have enough time for the PADI Open Water course? Check out 2-day PADI Scuba Diver course here (it’s the first half of the Open Water course) or click here for the 1-day Discover Scuba diving program.

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