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Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI)

2 days / IDR 4,600,000
(or included in the Bali Scuba IDC package)


Why Should I take the EFRI at Bali Scuba?

It’s a PADI requirement that all PADI Instructors must also be Emergency First Response Instructors. That’s why we include the Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI) course in our IDR 22,100,000
IDC package. After the EFRI program you will leave Bali with real skills that you can use in emergency situations, as well as the background knowledge you need to confidently pass these skills on to your own EFR students.

If you want to take the EFRI stand-alone course (not during your IDC) it takes 2 days and costs IDR 4,600,000
. If you take the EFRI course with our PADI Course Director and EFR Instructor Trainer Knut Hoff you’ll get the most comprehensive EFR Instructor course available in Indonesia because Knut is a trained nurse with years of hands-on experience behind him. He’s preformed life-saving procedures multiple times in real life situations. You will leave Bali as a confident EFR Instructor ready to pass these invaluable skills on to your own EFR students.


Are there any pre-requisites?

To join this EFR Instructor course you’ll first need to have taken a PADI EFR course (or equivalent CPR and First Aid Training course from a different agency) within the previous two years. If you’ve never taken any course you can take an EFR course here at Bali Scuba before you start your EFR Instructor course for an additional IDR 2,300,000
(we’ll give you a 10% discount so you’ll actually just pay IDR 2,070,000
). If you have already taken an EFR course but it was more than two years ago you can take an EFR refresher course for IDR 2,000,000
(with a 10% discount so just IDR 1,800,000
). If you take the EFR refresher course you’ll need to bring the manual from your original PADI EFR course.


What will I learn?

As well as refreshing your own CPR and First Aid training you’ll learn how to deliver it to others and how to work with and present the EFR course materials to your students. Additionally, at Bali Scuba you’ll also learn how to use and how to teach AED (automated external defibrillator) use as well as specific techniques for providing care to children and infants.


Price excludes PADI materials and PADI fees (contact us for current prices).

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  • The IDC was fantastic! All the staff at Bali Scuba were very friendly and helpful. The facilities are top shelf and the Course Director and assistants were amazing!
    Andre, December 18th
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Knut’s outstanding teaching skills and I say this as a professional teacher myself … nothing short of inspiring.
    Carl Davies, March 19th
  • Knut and Ketut were super friendly, patient and helpful with us during the IDC. Had a great time with Bali Scuba.
    Ali, Oct 28th
  • I really enjoyed my experience in the IDC. Chong has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I learned a great deal from him although I myself have quite a bit of experience already. Please extend my gratitude to Chong and all the staff in Bali Scuba for making it such a memorable and valuable experience.
    Toru Hayama, May 8th

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