Why choose Bali for your IDC?

– Repeatedly voted ‘Asia’s best island’
– World-class diving – mantas, mola, sharks, wrecks and macro
– Stunning beaches, sunsets, volcanoes & rice-fields
– Lowest cost of living in the region
– Colourful & vibrant Balinese culture
– Huge choice of activities; trekking, surfing, cycling, cultural tours and shopping.
– Great budget accommodation options
– Free Visa on Arrival

Why choose Bali Scuba?

– Bali’s premier dive facility
– PADI’s “Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development Award” winner
– Lifelong discounts on diving
– Unbeatable IE success rate
– Unlimited on-site pool time
– 2 Course Directors on staff
– Air conditioned multimedia classrooms
– We REALLY do care about your success

It’s easy to see why after three weeks with Bali Scuba our IDC candidates don’t want to leave. An island lifestyle, incredible diving with a great team and the charm and friendliness for which Bali is so well-known.


Are you ready to find out more about our PADI Award winning IDC Program? Read on to find out more: What Does the IDC Cost and What Does It Include? Our Two Course Directors and Our Team, IDC Course Dates, What Are the Next Steps.

Our Two Course Directors and Our Team

At Bali Scuba we are the only CDC (Career Development Centre) in Indonesia to have two experienced Course Directors heading up our IDC programs (including PADI Platinum Course Director S.F. Chong. Both of our Course Directors are passionate divers and accomplished educators. They are here to ensure your success, develop your skills and share their experience with you.

Bali Scuba PADI Course Director Knut Hoff
Course Director Knut Hoff

(CD # 502282 English & Scandinavian speaking)
The Norwegian with an unbeatable IE success rate! Knut is also a technical diving Instructor as well as a Course Director. His enthusiasm for teaching is infectious and he is a lot of fun. Knut’s diving knowledge is phenomenal and he loves sharing it with others. He is a passionate diver and incredible Course Director. He will always make time for you and encourage you to be the best PADI Instructor you can be.
Knut has been living in Bali and based at Bali Scuba for 12 years and he has been a PADI Course Director since 2007. Knut’s favourite dive site around Bali is Manta Point at Nusa Penida because of the chance to see his favourite marine life – Manta Rays! Knut loves these large graceful rays and says that he has had some truly awe inspiring moments diving with them – especially when he is using his beloved sidemount gear which he says gives him additional freedom, mobility and agility. As close as it gets to being a fish!

Bali Scuba PADI Course Director SF Chong
Course Director SF Chong

(CD # 462942 English, Malay, Indonesian & Chinese speaking)
SF Chong is a PADI Platinum Course Director who is always happy to provide candidates with friendly advice about anything diving! In the last 12 months Chong has taught more IDC’s in Bali than any other Course Director, he is well known for his experience, knowledge and for delivering award winning IDC’s. Chong is also a technical instructor and his love of diving is unsurpassed. Chong’s passion for teaching means he is more than happy to provide extra help and guidance whenever it is needed. His IE success rate is unbeatable and he prides himself on ensuring every candidate becomes a confident and professional PADI Instructor.
Chong’s favourite dive site is Sanur where he does a lot of training dives for IDCs – he says that you never know what you are going to see next. Chong, who is from Kuala Lumpur, has been a Course Director for 12 years and has been running IDCs in Bali since 2006. He also has a love for Sidemount diving because it means he has 2 tanks!

Bali Scuba PADI Course Director Jeanne 'Jing' Zhu
Course Director Jing

(CD # 278926 English & Chinese speaking)
Jing started out at Bali Scuba in 2012 as one of our in-house instructors and she trained up to Course Director with us here at Bali Scuba. Jing is the only native Chinese Course Director in Indonesia and her IDC Candidates say that she is the best. Jing is a patient and compassionate teacher who is a master at helping people overcome problems and develop their confidence in the water and in the classroom. Jing loves the diving around Bali and the marine life that it has to offer – her favourite marine life and dive sites are over at Nusa Penida where she loves to see both manta rays and the mighty mola!

Like Chong and Knut, Jing is also a keen Sidemount diver who loves deep and drift diving which she says is the most exhilarating form of diving there is. This explains why these PADI Specialty courses are among her favourite PADI programs to teach when she is not being kept busy with IDCs!

What about the rest of the team?
We only choose the best. Our team of Instructors have an immense amount of teaching experience – they are true professionals that you can learn from. They’ll be happy for you to shadow them in the pool any time you want before your IDC starts. This is a great way to prepare for your IDC. We also have four Balinese PADI Divemasters who are wonderful dive guides. They’re all a lot of fun too so spend some time hanging out with them if you can.
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Online booking with Bali Scuba
Click “Book Online” now and by booking online you’ll save 3% credit card fee and be protected by a 100% refund guarantee if you cancel for any reason before the start of your IDC.

Or you can book now by using the “Contact Us” button or form below or, if you prefer to email us directly: [email protected] Get ready to jump-start your PADI Instructor career here on the beautiful island of Bali.

What facilities are there at Bali Scuba?

Our facilities at Bali Scuba include;

  • Two powerful purpose-built diving speedboats
  • Complete working Technical Diving facility
  • Fully air-conditioned, multi-media classrooms
  • Air conditioned vehicles
  • On-site 4m deep dive pool to practice and improve your dive skills any time
  • Chill out area with hammocks, coffee, tea and water dispensers
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout
  • Dive store with 20% discount for IDC Candidates on dive computers, BCD’s, regs and all accessories
Bali Scuba IDC classroom

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What Does the IDC Cost and What Does It Include?

We believe in providing value for money and exceptional training that’s why our program offers you so much more than just the basics (and more free inclusions and add-ons than any other in Bali).

We believe in providing value for money. You’ll get 18 days of exceptional training for just IDR 22,000,000 including:

  • IDC – complete course (AI and OWSI)
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Course (EFRI)
  • Nitrox Instructor Specialty course
  • Free 3-day IDC preparation course – theory and skills workshops
  • Unlimited class & pool sessions before your IDC
  • Unlimited after hours IDC Support
  • IDR 6,500,000 worth of free ocean dives
  • 20% discount in our shop on all equipment purchases and dive computers
  • Introduction to Tec diving
  • Business of Diving Workshop
  • Duty of Care Workshop
  • Tanks, weights, belts
  • Free rental BCD, wetsuit, regulator
  • Daily lunch and free-flow tea, coffee and drinking water
  • Free Wi-Fi at the dive centre
  • Free airport pick up

AND a cast-iron pass GUARANTEE

Can I Do MSDT Preparation Too?

Yes, and if you add the Master Scuba Diver Trainer preparation course of 5 Instructor Specialty Courses to your package you’ll get a IDR 2,600,000 discount from our normal price: pay just IDR 7,800,000 instead of our usual price of IDR 10,400,000.

What is the Pass Guarantee?

First of all – you won’t need it because we assume success. In this great value 18-day program you’ll cover everything you need to not only pass the Instructor exam but also become a capable and confident PADI Instructor.
The three CDs Bali Scuba

You will be training at the only dive center in Indonesia to have two Course Directors on staff (one of whom is PADI Platinum) and with the current (and former) holders of the PADI award for “Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development”. This award is presented annually to just one dive centre in Indonesia as recognition for providing the highest quality Instructor courses. Our team are 100% committed to your success and we don’t just work from 9 – 5. If you need extra help or want more practice we will give you the time and support that you need.

We include the cast-iron pass guarantee simply for your peace of mind: if you somehow fail your Instructor exam after taking this 18-day program you can come back and take another IDC completely Free of Charge.

Are There Any Discounts Available?

Yes, we currently have the following three discount options available for IDC candidates – remember to let us know when booking if you want to claim one of these discount offers:

10% Early Bird discount if you book your IDC at least 60 days in advance

10% Buddy discount if you book another candidate on the same IDC as yourself

10% Friend of Bali Scuba discount if you took your Divemaster program with Bali Scuba

What about theIDR 6,500,000 of dive vouchers?

These dive vouchers are valid in the 14 days before the IDC and/or for 14 days after the Instructor Exam (IE). You’ll be able to dive at Bali’s most famous dive sites including the US Liberty wreck in Tulamben and Manta Point at Nusa Penida. Take a quick look at the fantastic diving you’ll be able to do with these vouchers:

What else do I need to pay for?

You’ll also need to pay for the PADI materials that are required for the IDC as well as your PADI fees:

IDC & EFRI PADI fees: AUS$1321
IDC & EFRI PADI materials: IDR 9.900.000

What about the “Life-long Diving Discounts?

Don’t worry, we won’t forget you after your IDC. We hope that taking your Instructor course here is the start of a life-long friendship. There’s always an ex-IDC candidate or two passing by for a coffee or dropping in for a dive. You will be welcome at Bali Scuba at any time – to hang out, use our Wi-Fi, tell your tales or have a beer or two. You’ll also enjoy unlimited dives for the rest of your life at (currently) just IDR 300.000 a dive. You just need to turn up and jump on any trips that have spaces available that day.

Value For Money

With our unbeatable IDC pass-rate we strongly believe Bali Scuba offers the best value IDC in the region. We’ll be happy to find you some great value accommodation here in Bali too – just let us know your budget and requirements.

Book your Bali Scuba IDC package now for just IDR 22,000,000

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Online booking with Bali Scuba
Click “Book Online” now and by booking online you’ll save 3% credit card fee and be protected by a 100% refund guarantee if you cancel for any reason before the start of your IDC.

Or you can book your IDC now using the “Contact Us” button or form below or, if you prefer to email us directly: [email protected] Get ready to jump-start your PADI Instructor career here on the beautiful island of Bali.

IDC Course Dates

When Can I Start?

Our 2016 IDC dates are listed below. You’ll need to be in Bali for at least the 15 days of the IDC program and the 2 days of the PADI Instructor Exam (IE). We strongly advise you to attend the 3-day (free of charge) Dive Skills &Theory workshops so that you’ll be fully prepared for the IDC program.

baliscuba tech instructor


If you’re thinking of taking the MSDT course you’ll need to stay at least 4 more days following your Instructor Exam (IE).

Click here for all the 2016 dates

Optional dive skills & dive theory workshops: May 31 – June 2

15 day IDC program: June 3 – 17

PADI Instructor Exam: June 18 – 19

Optional dive skills & dive theory workshops: July 5 – 7

15 day IDC program: July 8 – 22

PADI Instructor Exam: July 23 – 24

Optional dive skills & dive theory workshops: August 9 – 11

15 day IDC program: August 12 – 26

PADI Instructor Exam: August 27 – 28

Optional dive skills & dive theory workshops: September 13 – 15

15 day IDC program: September 16 – 30

PADI Instructor Exam: October 1 – 2

Optional dive skills & dive theory workshops: October 18 – 20

15 day IDC program: October 21 – November 4

PADI Instructor Exam: November 5 – 6

Optional dive skills & dive theory workshops: November 22 – 24

15 day IDC program: November 25 – December 9

PADI Instructor Exam: December 10 – 11

In Bali we don’t have a monsoon season so we are open and have great diving all year round (unlike Malaysia and Thailand). When you’ve decided your dates use the “Contact Us” form or button or, if you prefer email us directly at [email protected] to block your space for the dates of your preferred IDC.

Click “Book Online” now and by booking online you’ll save 3% credit card fee and be protected by a 100% refund guarantee if you cancel for any reason before the start of your IDC.

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Online booking with Bali Scuba

What Are The Next Steps?

Now that you have made the decision to take your IDC the process couldn’t be simpler! Use the “contact” form below (or click the “Contact Us” button) to send us your details or email [email protected] and we promise you a fast response.

If you want to save 3% then click “Book Online” and you can pay the IDR 22,000,000 without incurring any credit card fees! 100% refund guaranteed for cancellation prior to the start date of the IDC.

We can take care of booking your accommodation, we prepare all of your manuals and equipment, we make a schedule for your time with us and all you need to do is some packing!

Live the dream, take the challenge and get ready for an extraordinary life.

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