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PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)
15 days (plus two days IE and optional 3 day preparatory workshop) / IDR 22,000,000

Are you a Divemaster ready to take the next step and become a PADI Instructor? Our award winning PADI IDC includes EFR Instructor Program, Nitrox Specialty Instructor Program as well as a free 3 day preparation workshop packed full of theory and skills practices. We are so confident in our Professional training that we even offer a cast-iron pass guarantee. This three week program will challenge you and develop you into a confident and capable PADI Instructor. You’ll leave Bali Scuba (after a lot of fun) with your Instructor card in your hand and ready to take on the world.

Get ready for an extraordinary life.

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Assistant Instructor (AI)
6 days / IDR 11,700,000
IDR 1,300,000Discount for starting on the same day as any IDC

Perhaps you are already a Divemaster but don’t have the time to take the full IDC? Why not take the 5 day PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) course. The AI course is the first part of the IDC and you can upgrade to PADI OWSI to become a full PADI Instructor whenever you have time.

Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)
8 days (plus two days IE) / IDR 14,300,000

Already a PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) or an Instructor from a different agency? Then you just need to take the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) course. If you are not already EFRI you’ll also need to take the EFR Instructor program which is just 2 extra days for IDR 4,600,000. We include a Mock IE to give you practice for the real thing and when you have finished the program you will be ready to take on the world and begin your dream life as a PADI Instructor.

Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI)
2 days / IDR 4,600,000

It’s a PADI requirement that all PADI Instructors must also be Emergency First Response Instructors. That’s why we include the Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI) course in our IDR 22,100,000 IDC package. After the EFRI program you will leave Bali with real skills which you can use in emergency situations as well as the background knowledge you need to confidently pass these skills on to your own EFR students.

Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)
4 days / IDR 10,400,000
IDR 2,600,000discount for Bali Scuba IDC Candidates

The Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) course starts the day after the IE (Instructor Exam) and will give you 5 Instructor Specialty courses. It’s a great way to improve your earning potential because you’ll be able to teach those 5 Specialty courses to your students. It also makes you much more employable by potential employees and looks great on your diving Instructor CV!

Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Internship
4 – 6 weeks / IDR 11,100,000
Only available for Bali Scuba IDC Candidates

To become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer you need to take the MSDT course AND certify 25 students. To get your 25 certifications AND more teaching experience take the MSDT course here and then immediately join our Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) internship program. During this MSDT internship program you’ll team-teach with our Instructors until you have the 25 certifications you need to become an MSDT Instructor.

Staff Instructor (SI)
2 day program + IDC staffing / IDR 11,100,000
4 day program / IDR 9,100,000

The PADI Staff Instructor (SI) course allows you to assist a Course Director teaching IDCs and you’ll also be able to independently conduct PADI Assistant Instructor courses. The program can be taken as a 4 day course or a 2 day followed by staffing one of our 15 day IDCs

Staffing IDCs
10 days / IDR 7,800,000
If your dream is to become a PADI Course Director and you are already a Staff Instructor or Master Instructor you’ll need to staff some IDCs. Staffing an IDC at Bali Scuba is a great way to learn from experienced Course Directors (and it’s a lot of fun).
PADI Sidemount Instructor
2 days / IDR 5,200,000 plus equipment rental

Sidemount diving is a growing trend and with more and more people taking sidemount courses becoming an Sidemount Instructor will boost your earning potential. You do not need to be a certified sidemount diver as you will learn everything you need to know here.

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PADI TecRec Instructor Programs

Bali is blessed with ideal conditions for technical dive training. You’ll have a shipwreck to explore and a deep drop-off. Your Instructor Trainer is one of the most experienced technical dive trainers in Indonesia and we offer a number of TecRec Instructor programs for you to choose from.

  • The IDC was fantastic! All the staff at Bali Scuba were very friendly and helpful. The facilities are top shelf and the Course Director and assistants were amazing!
    Andre, December 18th
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Knut’s outstanding teaching skills and I say this as a professional teacher myself … nothing short of inspiring.
    Carl Davies, March 19th
  • Knut and Ketut were super friendly, patient and helpful with us during the IDC. Had a great time with Bali Scuba.
    Ali, Oct 28th
  • I really enjoyed my experience in the IDC. Chong has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I learned a great deal from him although I myself have quite a bit of experience already. Please extend my gratitude to Chong and all the staff in Bali Scuba for making it such a memorable and valuable experience.
    Toru Hayama, May 8th

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