Diving Bali with Bali Scuba

Study the theory online before coming to Bali and spend more time in the water and less time in our classroom. The recommended dose for once daily use: Take it as soon as you start taking this drug. The dose that is generic cialis 100mg right for you. Do not store Cialis at 45 hours. It's easy, convenient and fun and you'll get an online manual with lifetime access.

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If you're already a certified diver online elearning is available for these PADI dive courses:

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course:

2 day (very busy) program: PADI Advanced course with classroom study in Bali + 5 ocean dives in Bali $449

2 day (relaxed) program: PADI Advanced course online elearning $134 + 5 ocean dives in Bali $399

PADI Rescue Diver course:

3 day program: PADI Rescue course with classroom study in Bali + pool sessions and 2 ocean dives in Bali $399

2 day program: PADI Rescue course with online elearning $142 + pool sessions and 2 ocean dives in Bali $289

PADI Digital Underwater Photography (DUP) course:

2 day program: PADI DUP course with classroom study in Bali + pool sessions and 2 ocean dives in Bali $389

1 day program: PADI DUP course with online learning $142 + 2 ocean dives in Bali $249

PADI Scuba Tune up:

Online only: ½ day program: PADI Scuba Tune up with elearning $62

½ day program: Refresher pool session in Bali $59

PADI Nitrox Diver course (no ocean dives required for this course):

Half day program (the day before your dive trip): PADI Nitrox course with classroom study + hands-on practice in Bali $199

Half hour program (on the same day as your dive trip): PADI Nitrox course with online elearning $220 + hands-on practice in Bali $99

Note: although this is a theory-only course with no ocean dives, you'll probably want take the Nitrox course then one or more dive trips. This will give you the chance to put everything you have learned on the course into practice. You'll get free Nitrox tanks for two dives a day on any dives you do with Bali Scuba (except remote locations on the North coast of Bali).

Special Offer: Take PADI Nitrox course with online elearning ($220) through Bali Scuba and if you book two or more dive trips with us we'll waive the $99 fee we usually charge for hands-on Nitrox training. And of course you'll get free Nitrox on your dives.

Click this button to get started with online elearning right now! Then email us at letsdive@baliscuba.com to ask us about booking the rest of your dive program here in Bali.

Still not sure about online learning? Watch this video to see how it works before you sign up for any PADI e-learning course.

Advanced courses

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