PADI Sidemount Course in Bali

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2 days / 3 dives IDR 4,700,000

(Plus equipment hire if required)

Take your sidemount course in Bali if you’re curious to try a different dive gear configuration!

The PADI Sidemount Diver Course is designed to train certified divers how to safely utilise side-mounted cylinders as an alternative to the traditional back-mounted configuration.

Why Sidemount?

Although sidemount originated with cave diving there are many benefits for the recreational diver:

  • Ability to fully reach and manipulate valves and regulators. What was once difficult to control and meant reaching behind your shoulder, is now right in front of you.
  • Increased gas supply, with two tanks you double the volume. Especially when diving with enriched air nitrox, you can fully take advantage of the increased no stop time.
  • Completely independent tanks and therefore gas supply. There is no one failure that will eliminate more than 1/2 of your remaining gas.
  • No entanglement areas are behind your back. Think about wrecks that you could be exploring with dangling ropes and fishing nets that can snag on a backmounted tank.
  • A more streamlined profile that reduces drag and makes moving through the water easier and more efficient, and makes trim adjustment easier.
  • Sidemount configurations can be completely customized to fit an individual, and they can be used for all forms of advanced diving such as wrecks diving, technical diving and cave or cavern diving.
  • Easier to carry tanks to the water, for fills, etc. This can be especially beneficial for those with injuries or disabilities where the weight of a backmounted tank(s) can be a stress, or simply impossible on long or steep walks. Sidemounted tanks can be carried to the water separately, and then just attached to the harness in the water.
  • Travelling divers can use any set of rental tanks without changing their configuration.

The sidemount course consists of 1 day theory and pool sessions and then the 2nd day involves 3 awesome dives.

What you will learn:

  • Learn and practice the skills required to manage the gas supply using separate primary cylinders.
  • Learn and practice skills required to plan and make recreational no stop sidemount dives.
  • Learn and practice emergency procedures using the sidemount configuration.
  • Your instructor has the benefit of experience diving the sidemount configuration, and can share tips and best practices that will benefit you!
  • Learn about specialised sidemount systems available today, configuration options and optimal adjustments for fit and trim.



  • All class sessions, pool dives & ocean dives
  • PADI Sidemount Manual
  • Two tanks enriched air nitrox (if certified)
  • PADI certification fee
  • Lunch & soft drinks on course days
  • All transport for the course

If you don’t have PADI Advanced Open Water yet the first dive of this Sidemount Diver Specialty course can count towards the 5 dives you need to become PADI Advanced Open Water diver.

This sidemount diving specialty course can count towards the 5 specialty courses you need to become a Master Scuba Diver.

I really liked my Bali Scuba Instructor and enjoyed the hands on attention I got – I wish I could do all over again – Rex, June 5th

Free Nitrox at Bali Scuba
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  • 16-year accident-free record
  • Learning in small groups
  • PADI certified Instructors
  • Medical oxygen every trip
  • Clean air & clean tanks
  • Well-maintained equipment
  • New: In-water GPS radio

Included in your course

  • Hotel transfers (Sanur, Seminyak, Kuta, Nusa Dua)
  • PADI manual
  • Official PADI certification fee
  • Daily lunch & soft drinks
  • Free Nitrox 32% for 2 dives each day (if certified)
Free Nitrox at Bali Scuba
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  • I have nothing but positive feedback for Bali Scuba. A wonderful, professional, relaxing and informative environment and your staff are magnificent.
    Caris, March 17th
  • I truly enjoyed my experience learning diving with Bali Scuba - My dive instructor, Farish was amazing.
    Michelle, May 26th
  • The PADI Advance course was great and I'm certainly more confident with diving now! I really enjoyed taking the course with you guys and I would like to thank instructor Toto for his patience with us! He was very funny as well which made the whole experience a lot more pleasant, especially when some of us weren't very confident at the beginning 🙂
    Alex – July 2014
  • It was great diving for sure. Sila (divemaster) was a very solid divemaster.  Thanks for a great day!
    Ivan, 1st May
  • Great experience with Bali Scuba! The Instructors for my PADI Rescue course were very professional and student focused.
    Fredrik, May 6th
  • I really enjoyed my PADI Advanced program with Bali Scuba and it was conducted in superb locations (Tulumben & Nusa Penida).
    Tim, August 31st
  • Thank you for the great service. The divemaster was very attentive, friendly and helpful. I will definitely come back!
    Bee, 12th April
  • We really enjoyed the course and cannot think of anything that could have been done better.
    Jonas and Lina, November 26th
  • Bali Scuba made my new diving experience amazing. For sure I’ll come back to Bali Scuba.
    Almas, May 6th
  • I truly enjoy my experience learning diving with Bali Scuba, hope I can come back to Bali soon again for another dive. My dive instructor, Farish, is amazing and he had so much patience in guiding me even though at my first ocean dive I felt like giving up but he stayed on encouraging me, and work with my pace till I am confident enough to counter my fear of open water.
    Michelle – May 2015
  • I did want to make sure that I let you know that I have a great experience with you. Your communication all along was great, from the booking right down to calling the hotel to let us know you were running a bit late in picking us up on the day we went to Tulamben. The refresher course was great, as were the dives at Tulamben. After the course, and due to your staff's competence, I felt very comfortable on the dives. We were prompted to do buddy checks. I hope I have the opportunity to dive with you again.
    Wendy – May 2015
  • It was a great experience for me personally and the whole setup was professionally done from first email to last dive!
    Darren, May 10th
  • I can't thank Landung and Bali Scuba enough for giving me a memorable first fun dive experience. I had the most wonderful time. Both proposed sites were awesome and it was really an amazing experience.
    Yasmin – April 2015
  • I was booked with Bali Scuba for 2 periods of diving in September last year and I had the best dive trip in my life. Cecilia was excellent in arranging everything for me. I think having her on board is a valuable asset to Bali Scuba. It really helps that most of the staff can speak English and helped us with looking at our gear (which had been damaged!) and keeping us safe even before we got into the water. Bagong was an excellent DM - Going slow and searching for critters when he brought us to Tulamben, Seraya and Padang Bai.
    Gabriel – February 2015
  • The PADI Advance course with Bali Scuba was great and I'm certainly more confident with diving now!
    Alex, July 27th
  • The IDC was fantastic! All the staff at Bali Scuba were very friendly and helpful. The facilities are top shelf and the Course Director and assistants were amazing!
    Andre, December 18th
  • I really enjoyed my experience in the IDC. Chong has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I learned a great deal from him although I myself have quite a bit of experience already. Please extend my gratitude to Chong and all the staff in Bali Scuba for making it such a memorable and valuable experience.
    Toru Hayama, May 8th
  • Me and my girlfriend did the 3 day 7 dive package including her PADI deep diver course. The service from start to finish was excellent, good communication, great guides, good food and really looked after us. Lili and Landung were very good and made sure we didn't miss a thing. Would highly recommend Bali Scuba to anyone!
    Phil – September 2014
  • Our rescue course was great! We couldn't and wouldn't ask for more when we have such an interesting and humorous instructor, Toto. It was definitely a great time with Bali Scuba. 🙂
    Anna – March 2015
  • I've been an enthusiast diver for 20 years and been diving around Indonesia with so many dive operators and I would say that Bali Scuba is on my top list. The service is excellent. Reliable. The staff is great. The dive master is professional. I'll surely go with you again next time I plan to dive in Bali and will recommend you to my others fellow dive
    Yildes – December 2014

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