My family and I had such a great experience with Bali Scuba! We had a blast on the two dives and are all very excited about pursuing the Open Water Course. Everyone that we met and dealt with was fantastic – incredibly friendly and helpful – and that made the entire experience very enjoyable. It was very easy to book our trip from California and I appreciate the photos that were shared on Facebook. We look forward to returning to Bali and diving with Bali Scuba on our next trip! Alison September 2014

4天IDR 7,200,000 (如果周一或周四上午8:00开始的课程享受10%折扣优惠)
AUD 138 直接支付PADI elearning在线课程学习+IDR 5,200,000(如果周二或周五上午8:00开始课程享受10%折扣优惠)



PADI开放水域潜水员课程为你开启了一道通往充满乐趣的世界的大门!这是你进入水肺 潜水的第一步,并且是一个完整的水肺潜水员的认证过程。一旦成为PADI 开放水域潜水员-PADI Open Water Diver,无疑您就可以和你的潜伴一起-在您接受的培训和经验限制内-自由地规划和进行自己的开放水域潜水了!在您的培训期间,您将由一支经验丰富的教 练队伍,指导您成为合格的PADI潜水员啦!


您将学习平静水域潜水(泳池课程5堂)、知识发展(5个单元)和开放水域潜水(4 次)。对于身为潜水员所需达到的动作表现要求,每一个部分都扮演着重要的角色。要成为水肺潜水员,您必须在水中很自在,并且具备基本的游泳技巧,所以,您 的教练会要求您游泳和漂浮-很简单(在水中能够不借助任何游泳辅助器材,水中站水或漂浮10分钟,可以完成连续的200米水面游泳,或穿戴面镜、呼吸管及 蛙鞋完成300米浮潜),只是想确定你有基本的游泳能力。你不必像个游泳运动员选手,但是健康状况必须良好,尤其是呼吸和循环系统。在心理上,你要有成熟 的态度、良好的判断力和自律能力,遵守安全潜水所要求的指引和原则。


不 想将您宝贵的巴厘岛假期花在课室的理论学习上?我们也是!注册PADI eLearning,您就可以选择在到达巴厘岛之前的任何空余时间、任何舒适地点完成在线观看开放水域潜水员录像、每单元知识复习、小测验和考试的所有理 论学习内容。您只需要在巴厘岛课程开始之前将您的成绩表打印交与您的教练,教练会帮助你完成一个快速的潜水知识复习,答题合格就可以到巴厘岛马上下水开始 泳池课程的练习啦!


填写下列表格完成在线预订或提问任何关于在巴厘岛PADI 开放水域潜水员课程的问题。


  • 14年无事故记录
  • 小队潜水
  • 所有的潜导都至少PADI潜水长级别
  • 所有潜水行程都携带紧急供养设备
  • 清洁的空气&干净的气瓶
  • 维护良好的装备
  • 新的:水下GPS定位系统
  • PADI杰出贡献将获得者


  • 酒店往返接送(免费接送区域为Sanur,Seminyak,Kuta,Nusa Dua)
  • PADI电子版教材
  • PADI证书的申请费用
  • 全部潜水装备
  • 午餐&饮料
  • 潜水事故保险


Video of PADI Open Water Course with Bali Scuba



PADI 5 Star Centre in Bali
  • The PADI Advance course with Bali Scuba was great and I'm certainly more confident with diving now!
    Alex, July 27th
  • We really enjoyed the course and cannot think of anything that could have been done better.
    Jonas and Lina, November 26th
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Knut’s outstanding teaching skills and I say this as a professional teacher myself … nothing short of inspiring.
    Carl Davies, March 19th
  • My experience was awesome! Your team is perfect. Congratulations!
    Priscilla, September 22nd
  • I'm really glad I did my PADI open water course with Bali Scuba. The safe and conducive environment made it easier for me to learn. I do feel that the two days in the pool is definitely helpful before venturing into the sea and the one-on-one training certainly helps a lot (and I'd recommend nervous students like myself to go for the one-on-one). I would definitely recommend Bali Scuba to my friends and I look forward to returning to do the advanced course soon! Many thanks!
    Yasmin – January 2015
  • I have nothing but positive feedback for Bali Scuba. A wonderful, professional, relaxing and informative environment and your staff are magnificent.
    Caris, March 17th
  • Thank you so much for the great service. Our dive master was excellent!
    Tim May, 6th May
  • I truly enjoyed my experience learning diving with Bali Scuba - My dive instructor, Farish was amazing.
    Michelle, May 26th
  • I'm really glad I did my PADI open water course with Bali Scuba. The safe and conducive environment made it easy for me to learn.
    Yasmin, January 6th
  • Bali Scuba made my new diving experience amazing. For sure I’ll come back to Bali Scuba.
    Almas, May 6th
  • I truly enjoy my experience learning diving with Bali Scuba, hope I can come back to Bali soon again for another dive. My dive instructor, Farish, is amazing and he had so much patience in guiding me even though at my first ocean dive I felt like giving up but he stayed on encouraging me, and work with my pace till I am confident enough to counter my fear of open water.
    Michelle – May 2015
  • Overall it was a fun and interactive course. The instructor was very encouraging and guided us closely during our theory , closed water and open water exercises/skills. I can see he is dedicated to his work. The staff members in BaliScuba were indeed friendly and it made the whole atmosphere at the centre so much relaxed and easy to concentrate on the course. I cant say anything negative at this point of time really. Its been a great experience for me personally and the whole setup was indeed professionally done from the first email i sent out till our last dive in Tulamben. Well done Bali Scuba Team.
    Darren – May 2015
  • The open water course was really a breathtaking experience. The instructors Sunny and Chris were very good. The equipments and the scuba shop were excellent. Overall it was fantastic experience.
    Meetshah – April 2014
  • It was a great experience for me personally and the whole setup was professionally done from first email to last dive!
    Darren, May 10th
  • Thank you for the great service. The divemaster was very attentive, friendly and helpful. I will definitely come back!
    Bee, 12th April
  • I did want to make sure that I let you know that I have a great experience with you. Your communication all along was great, from the booking right down to calling the hotel to let us know you were running a bit late in picking us up on the day we went to Tulamben. The refresher course was great, as were the dives at Tulamben. After the course, and due to your staff's competence, I felt very comfortable on the dives. We were prompted to do buddy checks. I hope I have the opportunity to dive with you again.
    Wendy – May 2015
  • I really enjoyed my experience in the IDC. Chong has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I learned a great deal from him although I myself have quite a bit of experience already. Please extend my gratitude to Chong and all the staff in Bali Scuba for making it such a memorable and valuable experience.
    Toru Hayama, May 8th
  • Me and my girlfriend did the 3 day 7 dive package including her PADI deep diver course. The service from start to finish was excellent, good communication, great guides, good food and really looked after us. Lili and Landung were very good and made sure we didn't miss a thing. Would highly recommend Bali Scuba to anyone!
    Phil – September 2014
  • I was booked with Bali Scuba for 2 periods of diving in September last year and I had the best dive trip in my life. Cecilia was excellent in arranging everything for me. I think having her on board is a valuable asset to Bali Scuba. It really helps that most of the staff can speak English and helped us with looking at our gear (which had been damaged!) and keeping us safe even before we got into the water. Bagong was an excellent DM - Going slow and searching for critters when he brought us to Tulamben, Seraya and Padang Bai.
    Gabriel – February 2015
  • The IDC was fantastic! All the staff at Bali Scuba were very friendly and helpful. The facilities are top shelf and the Course Director and assistants were amazing!
    Andre, December 18th

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