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We know that divers and students at Bali Scuba love to find out more about our staff and what life is like living in Bali and working in diving. There’s just never enough time on the boat or in the car to ask all of the questions you want though so we have decided to introduce a series of interview Blogs to introduce you to our team – find out what they like about diving, their lives in Bali and even their favourite food and music! In this Blog we start out with Ketut Cariasa – one of Bali Scuba’s most Senior Instructors. Enjoy

Blogger – Hey Ketut, let’s start with a bit about you. Where are you from?

Ketut – I am from Singaraja in North Bali – my family still stay there but I live with my wife and kids in Denpasar now.

Blogger – Great, how many children do you have?

Ketut – I have two kids. My daughter is 9 years old and my son is just 15 months.

Blogger – Nine years? You don’t look old enough!!!

Ketut –I’m 36! But I look 20 and my mind is still young (laughing).

Blogger – So when did you start diving?

Ketut – I made my first dives for my PADI Open Water Course in 2001 and I progressed through to Divemaster so I could start working as a dive guide in Bali.

Blogger – So when did you become an Instructor and start working at Bali Scuba?

Ketut – I actually came to Bali Scuba to take my IDC program! This was in May 2011 and SF Chong was my Course Director. At that time Bali Scuba wanted to employ more local Instructors and SF Chong recommended me to Bali Scuba and I started working for the company after that.

Ketut still loves diving now just as much as ever before.

Blogger – And have you continued training?

Ketut – Oh yes, I became MSDT and then Staff Instructor and now I am a Master Instructor. Bali Scuba also trained me in Tec Diving and I am now a Tec 50 Diver!

Blogger – Wow! So what’s next? Course Director?

Ketut – (looking nervous), Hmmmm, I’m not sure – I’m still thinking about it. It’s not so easy for Indonesian people with the language but I think maybe in the future…..

Blogger – So you still love diving then? What’s your favourite thing to see? Big things or small things?

Ketut – Of course I love to see the big things! I love manta rays and I have also seen whalesharks around Bali which was amazing but I actually think a lot of the small things are more interesting.

Blogger – And where is your favourite place to dive around Bali?

Ketut – I really like to dive along the north side of Nusa Penida because I love drift diving. SD and Mangrove dive sites are my favourites because they have good currents!

Blogger – And after four and a half years of teaching do you still enjoy it?

Ketut is a PADI Master Instructor – the second highest level possible

Ketut – Absolutely. I really love to teach the PADI Open Water Course – it’s the most challenging course to teach because the students are learning diving for the first time and sometimes they are afraid, sometimes they are amazed at the marine life. For me it’s great to be able to share my diving experience with new divers. I also love to teach kids – that can be a lot of fun!

Blogger – I understand you are the most senior Instructor at Bali Scuba, what’s it like working here on the dive team?

Ketut – It’s really great. At Bali Scuba we all work as a team from the boat crew and cleaners to the Instructors and office staff. I think everyone here is happy because we all work together and if there is a problem we are very good at working through it to find solutions and make things better. This is a really good system and it means we don’t get stressed and we enjoy our work – and diving, of course!

Blogger – And what’s the best thing about being a PADI Diving Instructor?

Ketut – Many things! It’s a lot more varied than being a Dive Master – I have some days diving in the ocean, some days I’m teaching in the pool and other days in the classroom, I have a good mix of activities. I also get to meet many different people and now I have friends from all over the world.

Blogger – Have you travelled much yourself?

Ketut Instructor

Ketut loves to teach the PADI Open Water Course and share his experience with new divers

Ketut – Not yet. I have never left Bali! But I would like to, I want to make a plan to see somewhere new.

Blogger – Would you miss Balinese food?

Ketut – Yes, I love Balinese food. It must be spicy though or it’s boring. My favourites are Ayam Betutu or Babi Guling with lots of spicy sambal

Blogger – And what about music, do you like Balinese music?

Ketut – No! I like kind of slow music with a good rhythm like reggae, I like Bob Marley. Sometimes I listen to hip hop too.

Blogger – So what do you do in your free time?

Ketut – Free time??? Babysitting! I like to take the kids to the beach and I also have a friend that I sometimes go surfing with. Every day in Bali is a holiday!

Blogger – It certainly is! Thanks Ketut!

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