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Are you already making your New Year resolutions and planning for the year ahead? Have you made the decision to become a PADI Pro and “live the dream” in 2018? If you’re still making up your mind, here are 10 great reasons to Go Pro in 2018!

1. Share what you love with like-minded people: Think about your favourite Divemaster or Instructor and think about what makes them so good at what they do. You’ll probably find that the word “passion” comes to mind. Someone who loves what they do and has a genuine passion for it is infectious. As a PADI Pro you’ll be able to share your passion for the ocean and that’s what will make you great at your job!

2. Be someone’s hero: When most of us learn how to dive there’s a skill that we find tricky or uncomfortable. For some divers it is taking off the mask, for others it’s floating and let’s not even remind ourselves about how tricky mastering buoyancy can be. As a PADI Pro you’ll be trained to master all of these skills and be able to effectively demonstrate them. You’ll help change people’s fears into feelings of accomplishment and pride. In short, you’ll be a hero!



3. Get out of the office: Bored of staring out of the window day in and day out? As a PADI Pro there will be paperwork and there will be an office but you’ll be spending most of your working day in the place that you love the most – underwater!

4. Get fit: Ready for a new, active lifestyle? A PADI Pro enjoys an active life which involves plenty of swimming and activity. You’ll be developing a 6 pack without even trying!

5. Life’s YOUR beach: Don’t you just love the feeling of the sand between your toes, the sun on your back and the ocean at your feet? Don’t just dream it, live it.

6. Be the envy of everyone you know: Everyone has one of “those friends” that permanently seems to be the talk of you and your friends. Whether they are jetting to far flung destinations, jumping off bridges, seeing orangutans in the wild or yes, diving everyday. You can be that person!



7. Dive everyday: If your passion is diving then why only engage in it on holidays? Life’s too short to spend so much time doing things that don’t make you happy. Get out there, seize the day and get ready to have fun.

8. Save our oceans and save lives: As a PADI Pro you’ll have some responsibilities that can’t be taken lightly. Looking after diver safety is paramount and you’ll learn how to deal with a full range of emergency situations and be equipped to think on your feet. You’ll also be responsible for spreading the word about ocean conservation – and you will be able to make a difference.



9. Get paid for doing what you love: Of course, a job wouldn’t be a job without a salary. What role you take on and where you are in the world will affect how much you are earning but diving does pay. There are also numerous of ways to make money from your new PADI Pro certification that doesn’t involve leaving home and quitting your current job if you’re not ready to do so yet. Check out your local PADI stores and ask about part time opportunities, visit your local aquarium and see what jobs they use divers for and check out your nearest yacht club. If you’d rather “be your own boss” think about getting groups together for dive trips – most group leaders travel and dive for free and make some spending money on top too.

10. Your ticket to the world: Wherever you prefer to dive, whether it be along colourful reefs around tropical islands, mountainous lakes or fresh water rivers, your PADI Pro status is your ticket to a life time of adventure. This is the year to achieve your dreams!




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