Last week a Mola Mola was washed ashore in Australia. The first people were stunned at this enormity of this amazing creature until it was later identified as the Mola Mola – the largest bony fish in the ocean.

The finders of the Mola in Australia were convinced they stumbled across some kind of Alien life form. Until they were later informed they had encountered the proverbial ‘Sunfish’. Any diver that has seen one of these gentle giants will let you know that it is a truly surreal experience. The Mola are bizarre fish that always keep divers in awe of their size and unique features.

They effortlessly move through the oceans at a variety of depths. They can be found at the surface or as some submarine crews will tell you, they have also been spotted at depths of around 500 metres. Divers travel the world to spot these odd-looking fish. In Bali, they are seen all-year round but the best time to see them is between May and November.

The shape of the Mola and its sheer enormity leaves divers baffled how they can move through the water at all. But we are all thrilled that they can, because they make for a unique and wonderful dive experience.

You will usually find the Mola just cruising through the water and they always seems as curious as human divers as we are of them. When they’re not on cruise mode, they have been clocked traveling an amazing 6.6 metres per second. This is as fast as the far more agile Yellowfish Tuna.

The Mola Mola are remarkably photogenic and docile – great for our photographer friends out there who want to capture this wonderful experience.

Our Dive Professionals at Bali Scuba are experts at spotting the Mola and know all the great sites to take you Mola-spotting. Pack your bags and come join our team for some more underwater memories.