When it comes to buying your own scuba diving gear it can be difficult to know when you should buy and what you should buy. Here are some guidelines as well as pros, cons and suggestions for both new divers and experienced divers to help you navigate your way around the dive store!

Is it necessary for me to buy scuba diving equipment?

Usually it is not necessary to own any of your own scuba gear to start diving or to go on diving trips. However, in some remote areas and on liveaboards (which have limited space for storing gear) you may be required to have at least your own basics – mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit.

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Bali Scuba rents complete sets of scuba diving equipment and individual items as needed

So why buy scuba diving equipment if I can rent?

There are numerous positives to owning your own gear, here are the main ones:

  1. Comfort and Fit: When you buy your own gear you’ll take some time trying on different sizes and styles to get the item that is most comfortable for you. This is important – a badly fitting rental BCD or leaking mask can really take away from your diving enjoyment.
  2. Safety through Familiarity: When you have your own gear you get familiar with it, you know exactly where everything is which increases safety – your SMB is in the same pocket as it always is; you know where your alternate air source is and it’s easy to locate other accessories.
  3. Long Term Saving: Depending on where you are diving equipment rental prices can vary considerably. If you are doing a lot of diving then over a period time you can make a considerable saving to the point where, in some cases, your gear can pay for itself.
  4. The right item for the job: Some divers have certain gear requirements which may not be guaranteed if you are renting. For example, an underwater photographer may need large BCD pockets to store interchangeable wet lenses.
  5. Multi-purpose: Not all scuba diving gear is only for scuba diving. If you have your own mask, snorkel and fins you can pack them for any beach holiday; wetsuits and rash vests can be used for other water sports and many dive computers also include free-diving modes.
  6. Dive Computers: Each dive computer has different settings, buttons, menu, functions and algorithms. Trying to figure out a different model of rental computer each time you dive can sometimes be time consuming and frustrating. Having your own computer means you will get to know how it works and many computers record your dives and will link up to your laptop so you can transfer your logged dives instantly.
Buying scuba equipment

Decide what items are most important to you and carefully consider your options

What are the cons of buying my own scuba diving equipment?

  1. Price: There is no getting around the fact that buying your own gear is a big investment!
  2. Travelling: having your own gear is great for when you are on trips but remember that you need to get it to your chosen destination. Diving gear is cumbersome and heavy to travel with and while some airlines will give an additional weight allowance for diving gear, not all do. Check your travel booking carefully to avoid unexpected excess baggage fees
  3. Servicing: Once you own your own gear, you have to be responsible for it. This means annual servicing, maintenance and repairs – which are additional costs.
  4. It Doesn’t Last Forever: No matter what brand you buy, it won’t last for ever – having to replace items periodically is to be expected.
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Bali Scuba stocks complete sets of ScubaPro equipment for sale in Bali

What’s the Solution?

  1. Start with a Step by Step Approach: You don’t need everything at once. Buying separate items means spreading the cost and allows you to shop around until you find items you like and feel comfortable with.
  2. Deals on Complete Sets: Some dive shops offer discounts on full sets and these can be very good value if you like all of the components. If you don’t like the fins (for example) though and upgrade them, your upgrade fees will soon wipe out the initial discount.
  3. Own Essentials Only: Another approach is to buy what is essential for you. If you need a prescription mask, that should be on your list. If your body shape is difficult to fit for a wetsuit then you may be better buying your own etc.
  4. Take Your Time and Get it Right: Whatever you decide, think it over, ask your instructor, shop around and wait for items that you know you’ll be happy with for many more dives to come!

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At Bali Scuba we offer full sets of scuba diving equipment for hire at IDR 400,000 per day. We also offer individual items for rental so you only need to rent what you really need.

Our full service, onsite dive Shop also offers items for purchase including a full range of ScubaPro regulators, BCD’s and wetsuits, Suunto computers and a range of accessories. Ask one of our expert dive team for advice on purchases, fitting and suitability.

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