A PADI Dive Professional is either a Divemaster or Instructor. It’s one simple and rigorous step beyond being a PADI Rescue Diver. So why do people take that next step in their Scuba Diving?

There’s a lot more to being a PADI Professional than being or learning to be a great diver. Learning to be a PADI Professional means you will develop your overall diving skills, become an engaging public speaker, someone who can anticipate a student’s needs, and someone who can break down complicated topics into easy-to-understand chunks. You will also be in a position of authority – someone who other divers look to for expert advice on safety, dive technique, dive site knowledge and how to handle logistics and people. And the obvious part is that once you are a PADI Professional, you have the ability to make money from a hobby that is your passion.

These skills, learned in the PADI Divemaster Program and the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), are also incredibly helpful in the real world. The Professionals often tell us at Bali Scuba how these PADI courses have improved their ability to communicate ideas, have bolstered their confidence in public speaking, and taught them how to give constructive criticism to others. We have noticed how PADI professionals use their new skills in everyday life to become a better leader and better at extending feedback or criticism… For example: –

“I really liked the way you – keep the break room clean. However, I noticed someone forgot to – make more coffee when the pot is empty. Remember, it’s important to keep your co-workers caffeinated.” This is a simple example of using positive re-enforcement to make a point that could otherwise seem offensive or controlling. Seems simple, but we often overlook the positive things to communicate just to make a point – ‘Fill the coffee pot”!!!

While some people are natural leaders, many people begin their PADI Professional course wondering, “how on earth am I going to teach someone how to breathe underwater?” That’s where PADI Course Directors and other PADI Instructors at our dive centre get to work their magic. Using the PADI system of education offered here at Bali Scuba, our students learn how to organise and present information, conduct skill development sessions, and manage open water dive training. By the end of your course, you will walk away with a load of knowledge and the ability to confidently explain and present information.
In addition to all of these other benefits, working with our team at Bali Scuba is a great way to network with interesting people. Divers who go through a Divemaster or IDC course learn a lot about each other, grow together, and form a special bond.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current job, becoming a PADI Instructor will level-up key job skills and open new doors. PADI Dive Instructors are the most sought after scuba professionals in the world. Once you’re a PADI Pro, a quick look at the job board on the PADI Pros Site pulls up jobs in dozens of countries.

Even if being a full-time working PADI Professional isn’t your dream job, working part-time as an instructor or dive guide is a great way to supplement other freelance work close to home or in a tropical paradise. You may also be able to earn college credit. Last, but certainly not least, being a PADI Pro and transforming the lives of others is extremely rewarding.

Learn more about becoming a PADI Professional by contacting our amazing team here at Bali Scuba and contact us or email us here at letsdive@baliscuba.com and one of our team will help you with information about this journey. Even if you are an inexperienced diver, we have a ‘Zero to Hero’ package where we take you on a journey from beginner and uncertain diver to a confident professional.

You have many options available to you – so reach out to us and we all hope to see you soon.

The Team at Bali Scuba