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Sanur diving

There are several sites in Sanur and we know them well and visit them often because they are our local house reef. Most of our beginner courses begin here. We also run a lot of trips to Sanur for divers who are short of time. It’s a great choice for the time-challenged because you can do two dives and be finished by lunchtime.

The highlights

You won’t find the best diving in Bali here. You will need to go to Tulambenor Nusa Penida for that. However you will still find healthy coral reef and lots of fish. You can almost always see the resident school of batfish and keep an eye out for the long trumpetfish with their faces that look like Grandad. Big round pufferfish and porcupinefish, and yellow polka-dot sweetlips, are common. Shoals of ocean dwelling silverfish often passed by and you might be lucky enough to see dancing shoals of catfish. The two divers’ favourites of lionfish and Nemo can almost always be seen. We often see white-tip reef shark, sea snakes and moray eels too. There is a good variety of hard and soft corals.

Actually, come to think of it, there is quite a lot to see in Sanur after all. Take a look at the one-minute video at the top of the page or click here and take a look yourself.

How to get to Sanur dive site

It’s just two minutes by car and then a few minutes by boat from our HQ. We are located in the tourist village of Sanur, Denpasar, about 20 minutes from the airport. We depart at 8AM and return at 11-12PM. Lunch will be served at HQ when you return and you can take a shower there too.

Diving conditions at Sanur

It’s a shallow dive site with a maximum depth of about 10 meters (30 feet). The current and visibility depend on the tide. Sanur is generally dived best in the morning and at low tide.

How much does it cost to dive Sanur?

IDR 1,300,000 for two dives
IDR 400,000 for dive equipment rental

  • Included: PADI Divemater as guide, lunch and soft drinks, towels, door-to-door transfers (most destinations South Bali)
  • No hidden extras!
  • Special bonus: free Nitrox for any diver with Nitrox certification

Special discount packages to Bali’s three best dive sites

10% Discount

2 Days - 4 Dives

IDR 3.000.000

Tulamben x2
Padang Bai x2

15% Discount

3 Days - 7 Dives

IDR 5.000.000

Tulamben x2
Padang Bai x2
Nusa Penida x3

20% Discount

4 Days - 10 Dives

IDR 6.700.000

Tulamben x2
Padang Bai x2
Nusa Penida x6

30% Discount

5 Days - 13 Dives

IDR 7.600.000

Tulamben x2
Padang Bai x2
Nusa Penida x6
Tepekong x3

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