Padang Bai diving trip

Dive Blue lagoon and its vibrant corals

Colourful and diverse marine life
Perfect for snorkeling
Padang Bai diving trip is ideal for macro photography

Padang Bai diving

Dive Blue lagoon and its vibrant corals

Colourful and diverse marine life
Perfect for snorkeling
Padang Bai diving trip is ideal for macro photography

What to see in Padang Bai?

The marine life is abundant and healthy here. Cuttlefish, leaf scorpion fish, Crocodile fish, Oriental sweet lips, Moray eels, many species of Clownfish and anemone fish can be seen while a Padang Bai diving. Chances of seeing sharks & turtles too!

Padang Bai diving:

  • Diver experience level: All levels
  • Start time: 7:00am to 4.30pm
  • Dive site access: jukung (traditional boat)
  • Marine conditions: reef, photography, muck diving
  • Current: none to moderate
  • Depth: 10-40 m
  • Temperature:  19-28 degrees

About the day:

  • Pick-up from your hotel around 7:00am
  • Depart from Bali Scuba around 8:00am
  • Arrive in Padang Bai around 9:00am
  • 1st dive
  • Surface interval on boat
  • 2nd dive
  • Delicious lunch at a beachfront restaurant
  • Return to Bali Scuba around 3:00-4:00pm

Price & inclusions

Price for 2 Dives – IDR 1.900.000

Hotel transfers (Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak & Nusa Dua), lunch, hot & cold beverages, tanks, weights & guide.
Free Nitrox 32% for two dives if certified.

Equipment rental:
IDR 400,000 / person for a full set: BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins/boots, mask/snorkel & dive computer.

Padang Bai diving Highlight

Padang Bai is a small fishing village with beautiful beaches and an underwater wonderland.

Padang Bai is conveniently located about 1hr drive from Bali Scuba. We have been entertaining guests in Padang Bai for 20 years – we know where to find the best food, the best diving and offer best service! The Padang Bai diving experience is a must!

You will enjoy colorful reefs, rich sites for macro photographers and a small shipwreck by a traditional local boat (Jukung). You’ll find beautiful corals and will be amazed with the variety of marine life. Some great species for macro photographers are nudibranches, ornate, robust and ghost pipefish, rhinopias, leaf scorpionfish, squat lobsters, orangutang and zebra crabs, and the favourite pygmy seahorses. Warty, giant and painted frogfish are common. What a list!

Other species commonly seen include napoleon wrasse, crocodilefish, moray eels, pufferfish, clownfish and the wonderful mantis shrimp. Sharks are common, especially juveniles, including whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, nurse sharks and wobbegong. Keep an eye out for the buddha statues gazing serenely as you swim by.

The most popular site here is Blue Lagoon and there are many others too (including Jepun, the Jetty, Turtle neck, Tanjung Sari, the Temple, and the Channel). You’ll do two enchanting dives, have lunch at a beach front restaurant and be back to your hotel before dinner. What a great way to spend your time in Bali.

Choose Padang Bai if you’re looking for somewhere that suits both you the diver, and your non-diving family or friends. While you are diving they can swim, sunbathe, have a snack or a beer, browse for souvenirs or take a massage. It’s a great escape from the crowds and traffic of the busier parts of Bali.

Enjoy Bali as it’s meant to be.

Padang Bai dive sites


Blue lagoon

The dive site is just outside of Padang Bai. Protected from strong current, it is essentially a white sandy slope with small scattered bits of reef and coral. We can conduct Discover scuba diving program in Blue Lagoon. Contact us for more details. Easy dive site, it stays still very impressive in terms of marine life and macro photographers love it. You’ll see masses of colourful reef fish. Octopus, squid and turtle are all common.


Just a few minute ride from Padang Bai’s harbor by jukung, Padang Bai Jetty dive site was originally built for cruise ship berthing. Due to lack of compliance to international standards, the Jetty has never been used as ship berthing port, but became since few years, a heaven for muck dive and macro photography.

Now the Jetty is worldwide known for macro photographers, nudibranch lovers and any divers interested in weird and wonderful critters. The Jetty is considered one of Bali’s and Indonesia’s best macro dive sites. Indeed, Rhinopias, flabelinas, bent pipefish, blue-ring octopus can be seen there. No need to wait longer to grab your camera and join us for dive trip.

Pura Jepun

Jepun is located to the east of Padang Bai. After few minute boat ride in Jukung, you will reach the dive site at the northeastern corner of Amuk Bay.

This area is great for all experience levels. The highlight of this site is its artificial reef including a small shipwreck and few meditating Buddha statues.

You will begin the dive in the shallow sandy area, then dive along the rubble slope until you find the shipwreck at 18 meters. This wreck has an artificial reef structure and it is now nicely invade by corals and marine life around. You could encounter some moray eels, sting rays and a large swarm of cat fish. Around the Buddha statues you can find mantis shrimp and a lot of other rare critters like Ghost Pipefish, dragonet, flying gurnard and even harlequin shrimp.

Bias Tugel

Bias Tugel or “Separated Sand” in Balinese is the name of the beautiful white sand beach on the east side of Padang Bai. This is the only place where the sand is white as all the east coast features a volcanic black sand beach.

 This dive site consists of a flat bottom, around 9 meters, fully covered with soft and hard corals. This is another good spot to find pygmy seahorses in the many sea fans scattering the area as well as big marble rays, lobsters and sharks.

Padang Bai Code of conduct

At Bali Scuba we support and adhere to the Green fins Code of Conduct, guidelines that promote a sustainable way of diving. Established by experts, scientific researchers and dive guides. This standard has been designed to provide divers and dive centres with the most eco-friendly experience for marine life in Bali.

Dive Packages

2 Days - 4 Dives

IDR 3,200,000

Tulamben x 2
Padang Bai x 2

3 Days - 7 Dives

IDR 5,500,000

Tulamben x 2
Padang Bai x 2
Nusa Penida x 3

4 Days - 10 Dives

IDR 7,200,000

Tulamben x 2
Padang Bai x 2
Nusa Penida x 6

5 Days - 13 Dives

IDR 8,200,000

Tulamben x 2
Padang Bai x 2
Nusa Penida x 6
Tepekong x 3

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