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Bali Scuba Staff Profile – Meet Ita

Bali Scuba staff Ita

Ita – our reservations Guru at Bali Scuba

We know that divers and students at Bali Scuba love to find out more about our staff and what life is like living in Bali and working in diving.  If you have booked your diving with us by email then the chances are that you have emailed with Ita. Ita is one of our Reservations Officers who has been with us for one and a half years. In this Blog we catch up with her in an interview and find out what it’s like working at Bali Scuba, why she loves her job and what she gets up to in her free time…………

So we all know you as Ita but what is your full name and where are you from?

It’s super long! My name is “I Gusti Agung Ayu Rusmita Dewi”. The Ayu part is because I am a girl, Agung is my family name and Rusmita is where my nickname “Ita” comes from. I was born in Denpasar but now I live in Mengwi with my Mum.

How did you come to work at Bali Scuba?

Ita: I studied English literature at University and while I was completing my studies I started working for the Puri Taman Sari hotel group. I started as front office staff and progressed to guest relations which gave me the skills I need to do my job at Bali Scuba. Here I answer emails from Indonesian guests, I organise the operational schedule and decide what boats are going where and which trips go on which dates – it can be pretty crazy, especially in high season! It’s a great job for me though – I have met so many amazing people from all over the world and the Bali Scuba atmosphere is very team based which I really like. I love animals and through working at Bali Scuba I have learnt so much about diving and marine life, I haven’t tried diving yet but I plan to do it soon – the Instructors are always asking me to join them on PADI Open Water Courses!

English Literature? What’s your favourite book?

From the old classics, I love Pride and Prejudice – it’s a wonderful story but for modern day books I just can’t get over the Twilight Series – they are amazing and I love Edward!

Apart from reading what are your other passions?

Bali dogs

Bali dogs can be seen all over Bali in all colours and sizes

I really spend a lot of time with my dogs – I have 4 now but at time I had 8! They are all rescue dogs and I am always trying to help dogs that are not looked after and need homes in Bali. There are many strays and also people who don’t know how to care for them properly. I have volunteered for a couple of Rescue Organisations in the past but now I do it on my own. Two of my dogs, Goro and Mocca were from a litter of 8 puppies which were not being cared for. The Mother dog was looking really sick and was tied up on a really short chain. The owner of the dog was not interested in her or the puppies and after a bit of a fight I managed to convince him to let me take them. I took four of the puppies myself and found homes for two of them, I kept Goto and Mocca and they are now two and a half years old!

I really want to keep helping dogs in Bali and promoting sterilisation programs to keep our dogs here healthy and happy. I would love to have a small rescue center at home but I need to get my mum to approve it first! Dogs are so loyal to their owners and deserve to be looked after and cared for, that’s what I really like to do.

What other hobbies do you have?

When I am not looking after my dogs I love to travel. So far I have visited Lombok, Java and Gili Trawangan in Indonesia and I have also travelled overseas to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. My next dream is to travel to New York – the busiest city and the “city that never sleeps” – that would be amazing! I really like fashion too – I read fashion magazines and I’m really interested in design and the latest trends, and of course I love shopping!

Why do you think guests love diving with Bali Scuba?

I think it’s because we have a good team here that all try to give the best service. We all really care that people enjoy their trip so we give lots of information in our emails so they know what to expect, we try to help with any problems and everyone here is super friendly. I think that’s why guests like us and it’s why I like working here too. I feel really honoured to be part of the team here!

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