NITROX Certification at Bali Scuba

The PADI Enriched Air Course qualifies you to dive with up to 40% oxygen.
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What is Nitrox?

The gas you are breathing now – air! – consists of approximately 21% oxygen. This is what you normally dive with too. Nitrox (also called Enriched Air or EANx) has a higher percentage of oxygen. The most common percentages of oxygen are 32% and 36%. The PADI Enriched Air Course qualifies you to dive with up to 40% oxygen.

Why is it so popular?

More dive time for one tank! With higher percentages of oxygen no-decompression limits are longer. For example a dive to 30 meters (100 feet) using 36% oxygen allows a bottom time of 35 minutes, compared with only 20 minutes if using air. That’s why it’s PADI’s most popular specialty course.

Who can become a Nitrox diver?

Anyone at least 12 years old and Open Water certified or higher.

How long will my Nitrox certification last?

For a lifetime. Take your course now and enjoy the benefits of this special gas every time.

What are the concerns?

The biggest concern is the danger of oxygen poisoning. However this is usually only a problem if you are going very deep. Also, diving with enriched air generally adds an extra step in the planning process. Both of these concerns are fully covered on the course.

Can I go deeper?

No you can’t. Diving with Nitrox is about being underwater longer, not about going deeper. If you want to do deep dives take a look at our technical diving programs.

Is diving with Enriched Air expensive?

Not at Bali Scuba. We offer two free tanks of Nitrox every day for any diver with enriched air certification. Other scuba centers in Bali may charge for it.

Do I need any special equipment?

No – you can use your usual scuba equipment.

Can anyone dive with Enriched Air?

Only divers with Enriched air certification can use this special gas.

How do I get PADI Enriched air certification at Bali Scuba?

Study the theory online before you come to Bali. It takes just 3 hours! You can start now and study whenever you have a few minutes free time. It’s a fun and effective way to learn. To complete your Nitrox certification you will also need a quick practical session here in Bali before your first dive. Your certification will last a lifetime.

Is it safer than diving with air?

On balance, yes. Any dive profile will be safer using Nitrox compared to using air. Many users also report reduced fatigue and increased mental awareness. Both of these lead to a safer underwater experience.

Why is it called an ‘old man’s gas’?

Because many older users report it makes them feel fresher and less tired. I guess youngsters have enough energy anyway but for older divers it can give that extra boost. Author note: many experts deny this, but personally speaking I find it to be true. Try it yourself and see.

How much does it cost?

PADI eLearning course is AU $283. You pay this online when you start the course. The practical session here is FREE. Two Nitrox tanks each day are FREE on any dive trip you book with Bali Scuba. This is an amazing lifetime offer.

How can I start?

Get started now and enjoy long Nitrox dives in Bali

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