PADI Deep Diver Course

The Call of the Deep

Get certified for deep diving down to 40 meters (130 feet).
PADI’s Deep Diver specialty course will open up so many new dive sites.
You will finally find the mysteries of dive sites that have until now been beyond your dive experience and certification level.


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What will I learn?

  • Techniques for diving in the deeper range of 30-40 metres (100 -130 feet)
  • Deep scuba diving equipment considerations
  • Safety considerations and the planning of a deeper dive
  • What is nitrogen narcosis and how to deal with it
  • What happens to pressure related objects at depth

What will I do?

You will do three awesome dives at Nusa Penida Each dive will be progressively deeper until you hit the magical depth of 40 meters (130 feet) on your final dive. The safety bonus of this course is that you will do your first deep dives with an experienced Instructor by your side.  If you become disorientated, or feel the effects of nitrogen narcosis, you know that you will be in safe hands.

During your program you’ll cover the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to avoid the hazards and safely dive deep.

What is nitrogen narcosis?

Nitrogen narcosis is an altered state of mind.  For many people it can feel like being slightly drunk.  Indeed some people use the “Martini Rule” to measure the effects narcosis during a dive. The Martini Rule states that for every  additional 10 to 20 meters (30-60 feet)  the diver can feel that they have been drinking one additional martini. On the surface this might be fun but underwater it’s a hazard.

Nitrogen narcosis is caused by breathing air at deeper depths. It affects different people in different ways.  Many divers find that they become emotionally super-charged under the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Fears can be heightened to an unreasonable degree. Happiness can be magnified until all sense of caution and danger are gone.  We need to be smart and logical underwater not at the mercy of our emotions. Nitrogen narcosis can also affect our judgement and our coordination.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dive deeply. There is so much to see down there. Instead we should learn how to recognise and how to deal with the effects of nitrogen narcosis. That’s what the PADI Deep Diver course is all about.

Who can join the PADI deep diver course?

Anybody who is at least 15 years old and a PADI Adventure diver or Advanced Open Water diver or above.

How much does the Deep Diver course cost?

IDR 3,600,000
IDR 400,000 for dive equipment rental

  • Included: 3 dives, PADI manual, certification fee, lunch and soft drinks, towels, door-to-door transfers (most destinations South Bali)
  • No hidden extras!
  • Special bonus: free Nitrox for any diver with Nitrox certification


“Want more thrills?”

With our 2 Day PADI Drift & Deep Diver Specialty combo you’ll make 6 incredible dives at one of Bali’s most famous dive locations – Nusa Penida

The Drift Diver course will teach you how to safely dive in currents. You will learn drift diving entry and exit techniques and how to stay together with your group. You will practice underwater drift diving skills with your Instructor.

You will understand the techniques you need to surface in site of the dive boat.

Our Deep & Drift specialty combo is a great way to grab two PADI certifications in just two days.

It costs IDR 6,500,000.

Add IDR 800,000 per day for equipment rental (including dive computer)

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