PADI Rescue Diver Course at Bali Scuba

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The most important course you can ever take
Become a safer and more confident diver
Learn to Prevent accidents before they happen
A lot of fun and laughs

Why should I take the PADI Rescue Diver course?

  • become a safer and more confident diver
  • learn to prevent accidents before they happen
  • learn how to handle an accident if it does happen
  • learn and practice self-rescue skills
  • learn and practice buddy-rescue skills

Who can join the PADI  Rescue Diver course?

This isn’t a course for professional divers. It’s for people just like you. You can join PADI Rescue if you are already an Advanced Open Water diver and at least 12 years old. Your Advanced Open Water certificate can be from any dive agency (not just PADI).

To join the PADI Rescue Diver program you’ll need to have taken PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) or other CPR and First Aid course within the past two years, or take it with us here when you arrive in Bali.

How long does it take?

Three days but if you take eLearning first you will just need two days here in Bali.

If you need to take Emergency First Response (EFR) please allow for an extra day. Our EFR classes start in the morning and you’ll be finished by mid afternoon.

What happens during the course?

One day will be in the classroom, one day in the pool and one day in the ocean. If you if you take eLearning before coming to Bali you can skip the classroom day. The ocean dives will be at our house-reef in Sanur, Denpasar.

You’ll learn how to confidently respond to dive emergencies, either yours or other divers. More importantly, you’ll learn how to stop accidents before they happen. You’ll get info on the psychology of rescue, recognizing diver stress, and accident management. You will practice assisting divers at the surface and underwater and perform a missing-diver search. You will bring an unconscious diver to the surface slowly and safely. You will learn about how equipment problems are the trigger for so many accidents and how to prevent them. You will get hands-on practice giving oxygen to divers.

Through knowledge development and rescue exercises, you learn what to look for and how to respond. During the final day in the ocean you will put everything together in a challenging but fun rescue scenario. Take a look at the video at the top of this page to see what you’ll be doing on your final rescue role play.

When can I take the Rescue course?

Any day, subject to availability. Try to book as early as possible because we have a limited number of Instructors available.

Can just one person take the course?


What if I need to cancel or can’t complete the course?

We will be happy to refund any payment or deposit if you cancel for any reason up to 4 PM the day before. We also refund if you can’t complete the course for any reason.

Why choose Bali Scuba for my PADI Rescue course?

Bali Scuba is a PADI Five Star dive center and multiple PADI award-winner. We are one of the few dive centers in Bali authorized to conduct PADI professional courses. This means we train the Instructors that other dive centers use. Because we train Instructors we can choose the best Instructors to work for Bali Scuba. We don’t run the Rescue Course in just two days like many other dive centers do. We understand this important course deserves 3 days of training. We are one of the most experienced dive centers in Bali with more than 16 years experience. We ask for feedback from every diver who comes to Bali Scuba because we always want to improve.

What’s the price of the Rescue Course at Bali Scuba?

IDR 4,800,000 per person
IDR 400,000 per day for dive equipment rental

  • Included: PADI manual, certification fee, door-to-door transfers, lunch and soft drinks, towels.
  • No hidden extras!

If you need to take PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) add IDR 2,400,000.

What’s the price of PADI Rescue Course eLearning?

You will need to pay AU $197 online to PADI when you start your online learning then IDR 3,900,000 to us here in Bali.

The great thing about taking eLearning is that  you will save a day of your Bali vacation. You will just need two days at Bali Scuba (one day pool and one day ocean) instead of three. It’s a fun and very effective way to learn. You can start immediately and study online whenever you have the time.

How can I book?

Contact us to make your booking or ask any questions. Please confirm as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you are in Bali because our Instructors are often busy on other courses.

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