PADI Sidemount Course at Bali Scuba

With two tanks you always have a backup air supply.
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What is Sidemount?

It’s scuba diving using a different equipment configuration. Usually the scuba tanks are on your back when you dive. With the Sidemount Course, you will learn that the side mount configuration the tanks can be at your side, below your shoulders or next to your hips.

Why Sidemount?


With two tanks you always have a backup air supply.

Eliminate the danger of entanglement. It’s easier to reach your valves and regulators. No need to reach behind your shoulder. Your valve is now right in front of you.

Longer dives

You dive with two tanks so get longer dives. Get maximum benefit from Nitrox. With longer dives you can fully take advantage of the increased no-stop time that enriched air allows.

The streamlined profile reduces drag and makes moving through the water easier and more efficient. You will use less energy so your air will last longer.


Fat, thin, tall, short. Sidemount equipment is configured exactly to suit your body.

Adjust your equipment for all forms of advanced diving. Wreck diving, technical diving, caverns or caves.

Easy entry

Easier to carry tanks to the water. Especially useful for rocky shore entry (think of Tulamben in Bali). No more embarrassing falls flat on your back like a turtle.

How long is the course?

Two days: 1 day theory and pool sessions and then on the 2nd day do 3 awesome ocean dives

What will I learn?

  • How to manage the gas supply using two separate tanks
  • How to plan and make recreational no-stop dives
  • Emergency procedures
  • Equipment systems and configuration options
  • Optimal adjustments for fit and trim

Most importantly you will benefit from the experience of your Instructor. You’ll get advice, hints and tips about the best configurations and advice on equipment purchase.

Who can join the course?

Anyone certified as an Open Water diver or higher at least 15 years old.

If you don’t have PADI Advanced Open Water yet the first dive of this Sidemount Diver Specialty course can count towards the 5 dives you need to become PADI Advanced Open Water diver.

How much does the Sidemount course cost?

IDR 5,000,000 + equipment rental fees as required

  • Included: 3 dives, PADI manual, certification fee, lunch and soft drinks, towels, door-to-door transfers (most destinations South Bali)
  • No hidden extras!
  • Special bonus: free Nitrox for any diver with Nitrox certification
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